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The Evermore Graphic Novel
is available now!

Novelist Joshua Gamon's print edition of EVERMORE finally arrives March 13, 2023. This beautifully bound collection features issues 1-6, a 10-pg backup story, and a variety of extras. Cover by legendary Star Wars artist, Dario Carrasco, Jr. with exterior color by Mariam Yasser.

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  • Format Paperback | 170 pages

  • Publisher Markosia Enterprises Ltd

  • Publication City/Country Plymouth, United Kingdom

  • Black and white illustrations throughout

  • Cover by Dario Carrasco, Jr.

  • Exterior Color by Mariam Yasser

  • ISBN10 1915860059

  • ISBN13 9781915860057

The Story

In post-war London, in a city devastated by plague, an ancient book lies hidden-- one said to be even older than England and believed to serve as a nexus to the fabled world of Evermore. A precious few have gone there, fewer still have ever returned alive to tell the tale. Yet, when the grieving Doctor Fredrick Fellowes visits a dying friend on Christmas Eve, he is gifted the book to give to his young daughter, Abigail. But when the child reads from the tome, she becomes trapped within its darkest recesses. In hopes of ever seeing her again, Fredrick risks everything to venture into the unknown storybook world to bring his little girl home. Here begins the harrowing adventure of family, loss, horror, and magic, done in the spirit and black and white style of the pulp magazines from the 1960s.


The Fellowes

Doctor Fredrick Fellowes and his young daughter, Abigail, live in a terrible time of strife. With the end of the Great War came the plague, and with it, millions of souls burned or lost in mass graves.

Fredrick had his share of misery as a field surgeon in the trenches, but now he does anything he can to protect his girl, even if it means keeping her under strict lock and key.

Isolated at home and safe from  the septic and dying world outside, Abigail's life is one of loneliness. Her father spends more time treating the sick than with her, and when she does see him, it is never without his plague mask, which he often tells her is for her own protection.

However, not all is bleak. Her best friend, Rox, is always at her side, and she spends her days drawing the people she sees walking past her window, all while dreaming of adventure on the other side of the glass. But like most fairy tales, young Abigail should be careful what she wishes for.

What is the Book of Evermore?

"It is a book of magic, and of happy endings, fairy tales, and of wonder-- concepts now lost to old soldiers like us, but splendors only a child could love and appreciate."

- Robert Cotton, English Antiquarian

Evermore is a world trapped within the aged pages of a book, one said to have appeared after the very first story was told. No one knows who first beheld the tome, for anyone who reads from the pages vanishes and is never seen again, except for one: the previous owner, Robert Cotton; who gifted the book to Fredrick's daughter on Christmas Eve. Robert knew it as a kind and wonderful world. but that was a long time ago. When Fredrick enters Evermore, it is a place of anguish and monsters, fairy tale creatures, and living gods. Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, giants above the clouds. They all have become twisted versions of the stories we all thought we once knew. And lost somewhere within it all is Abigail.

Evermore Reviews

"This is an excellent series" - 3millionyears

"Evermore is first and foremost a story superbly told" - WorldComicBookReview

"An impressive first issue and one that I can highly recommend checking out." - Midlifegamergeek

Where Can I Buy Them?

Issues 1 - 6 are currently for sale below as HD digital comics.

WRITTEN BY Joshua Gamon

ART BY Aleksandar Bozic Ske

LETTERS BY Jérôme Gagnon

COVERS BY Flavio Giron

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